FFSA History

The Fiji Food Safety Association (FFSA) Ltd is a voluntary not for profit organization registered under the Fiji Food Safety Act [No 10 of 2003], and Food Safety Regulations 2009 [Legal Notice No. 20] of the Ministry of Health. Act in Fiji on 22nd May, 2015. The core objective of FFSA Is to provide professional services in the fields of product safety, quality assurance and all forms of value addition including planning and management of safety and quality infrastructure. FFSA though still in its early years is tapping the many years of extensive experience of its founding members which includes a cross-section of professionals from food processing companies, retailers, caterers, environmental health officers, consultants, research organizations, academic institutions and students.

FFSA is a hub for sharing ideas, viewpoints and best practice due to the diverse experiences of members acquired through quality management, consultancy, research and training in the general quality infrastructure, food safety, agriculture, agribusiness, SME development, value addition, and operational capacity building.