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Adi Chocolate

Adi Chocolate is one of the companies that has undergone training with ITC and the food councilors trained by ITC on HACCP and ISO22000. Due to this, Adi Chocolate (Fijiana Cacao) has proudly been approved by one of the most up-scale department store in Switzerland called "Globus Delicatessen" and also Plaza Style in Japan.  For the Australian market, Adi Chocolate and Fijiana Cacao had just signed a distribution agreement with Melbourne based company called Heart of the Chocolates. The production is currently in process and the company will start shipping the chocolates to Melbourne in early November, 2015.

Here is a video of the success story, by Tomo Zukoshi, the owner of Fijiana Cacao and Adi Chocolate, Fiji. Press Play to start the video.