Safe Food for Fijians

Safe Food for Fijians: Micro and Small Business Consultation

The Fiji Food Safety Association will hold extensive consultations with industry and other stakeholders on food safety framework. FFSA is aware of the concerns over the ability of micro and small businesses to meet some of the requirements being considered on food safety. That is why the FFSA will engage micro and small businesses across the country to follow food safety guidelines The consultation will help the FFSA better understand the food safety challenges and costs that micro and small businesses face, and to seek their feedback on options that could reduce the burden associated with certain requirements. The FFSA will also be interested in providing the types of tools, guidance resources and support that will assist these businesses in producing safe and compliant food. To build a strong safety culture and help identify and prevent emerging food safety issues, the FFSA will also

  • Advise and help all food manufacturers, including processed food manufacturers, to be licensed and have preventive control systems such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) or equivalent, and
  • Work with small and medium enterprises to explore approaches tailored to their operational needs and assist them in achieving compliance in food safety